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Park Lessons

Review:Weather, Colors, Shapes, Textures, Autumn season Park Lessons: Colors, Shapes,Textures, Autumn season Summary: We started the class with a quick warm up, review with colors, shapes, textures, weather and Autumn season. And after that we headed the park, so that they can look around what it looks like when we have the Autumn season. At the park we had some activities that made the kids move, think, and learn. Moving and jumping helps them to develop their locomotor skills and help them to explore and experiment how their body works. We looked around and picked up some dry leaves so, they’ll see the differences of colors, textures and shapes. We also used the balls, rings, bubbles and jumping ropes as part of our today’s activity at the park. Then after that they had a little time to play of what caught their interests. 今日のLessonで子供達は公園に着くと、とーっても嬉しそうにお友達と楽しそうに遊び始めました。公園でのアクティビティにはとても活発でした。何に対しても興味をもつ子供達は、葉っぱや木、なんでも一生懸命先生に話しかけ聞いて英語で繰り返し言葉にしていました。そして、持ち帰った葉っぱでライオンを作ろうとしていました。 ”話したい!”と言う意欲が、子供達の言葉の語彙力を身につけます。 楽しく学ぶことは子供達にもストレスがなく、当たり前に語彙力を身につけて話せるようになっていくんですね。



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