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世界最先端の技術者が集まるカリフォルニア シリコンバレー。その技術者や投資家・経営者の子供が受けている最先端の教育を日本にいながらにして受けられるのが当アカデミーの特徴です!!もちろん、日本で生活していく上で必要な教養・知識・受験対策にも対応しております。

First off, what is Silicon Valley Academy? 

Always at the edge of new technology where all the worlds most advanced technicians gather, Silicon Valley, California. We created Silicon Valley Academy with these characteristics and the most advanced education in order to take care of the children of these technicians, investors and managers within Japan ! Off course we also focus on preparing the children with the education, exam preperations and knowledge necessary to live in Japan.










Silicon Valley Academy's Educational philosophy and special features

Our educational philosophy

1.We will provide the children with cutting edge materials and furniture that are made to accommodate the needs of growing children.

(*We many use Montessori educational tools and material)

2.We don't want to force you to learn, we will invite you to learn something new.

3.We aim to understand the needs of our children and don't ignore any signs of communication.

4.We will provide and stimulating environment that encourages imagination and creativity.

5.We listen to the parents requests but also focus on what the children themselves wants to learn.

 We we teach the children with these main points in mind.


1. 安心・安全で且つ最先端の、子供の成長にあった家具・教材・空間をご提供します。

2. 保育・教育・語学・感覚・運動など、各分野のエキスパートがそれぞれ対応します。

3. 安心と安全の「おいしい」食事を提供します。無添加・国産の食材にこだわり使用しています。






Our special features

1. We always aim to provide the most cutting edge teaching material, environment and furniture that is not only safe but also is specifically made for growing children.

2. We will provide experts  in different fields of education such as nursing, language, cram and exercise.

3. We want to provide delicious meals that also feels safe. Thats why we are committed to using locally grown and non-additive ingredients.

*We also offer allergy meal plans(This includes the five major food allergy categories.)

4. Make it possible for you to always check in on your children (You can always look at you children from your smartphone or PC/)


 These are the main points we base our academy on.


なぜアカデミーを設立するのか ①

  • 現在の日本の保育園の現状





  • 幼少(早期)教育の重要性 ・・・ 無理なく身に着くこの時期に!

幼少期の脳は大人の10年の成長を1年でするといわれており、その時期だからこそ子供には早い時期から教育を!!と言われてきましたが、多くの園や学校が勉強を中心に行ってきており、その結果勉強はできるが情緒が不安定だったり社会で通用しない子が増えてきてしまっています。本当の意味での幼少教育とは、幼少期(すべてに敏感な時期)に応じた環境・教材を常に準備・提供することこそが重要であると考えています。 その準備するものの一つが勉強なのです。

Why we started the Academy ①

  • The curent situation of Japanese nurseries

Unlike a kindergarden nurseries are facilities exists to take care of  and provide nursery care to children who by circumstances can not stay at home with their families. A kindergarden on the other hand exists to educate children, not nurse them in place of the families. As a result children raised in nurseries instead of kindergartens usually preform on lower level during the national testings during elementary school, its proven that there is a 3~6% difference in the test results. This does not mean that all nurseries have poor educaten qualities however it does neab that in general the education level at nurseries in japan is not high.


Looking at the present situation of japanese nurseries We thought there is need  for change

Our early years are so precious and We felt that we want to offer he best possible environment to develop during this important time. This is the reason Silicon Valley was established


  • The importance of eary childhood education ・・・ at this moment without difficulties

Since the children's brain grows the most during the first 10 years, shouldn't education be at the number one priority during the time in our life. This is just what it is, and most schools and kindergartens focuses on learning children how to study and test taking teqnices. However this results in children that can study but not think for themselves and interact smoothly with other people. I believe that children whold be shooded with and environment and teaching materials that adapter to the sensitive time of early childhood and to learn how to study is just one part of the whole.

なぜアカデミーを設立するのか ②

  • 現在の日本の教育システムではグローバル化がより進む世界では生きていけません。  

     語学・対応能力・決断・コネクションetc… 気づいた時には手遅れ。。。


  • しかしながら、それらに大人になってから気づいてからではマスターできないとは言いませんが、   相当な労力が必要です。それらを効率的に吸収するには、やるべき年にやるべきことを教える(環境を整える)ことが重要です。当アカデミーでは、シリコンバレーで長年の研究の上で結論づけられたデータをもとに年代に必要な教育を適切に提供し、世界で将来戦える人材の土台を育成していきます。


  • ただ誰もがやってあげたいと思う教育がなぜ、どこでも行われておらず、シリコンバレーを中心とした一部都市だけなのか!? この教育の1番重要な点は、年齢ごとに適切な物・教材を子供に提供し、さらには年齢にあった環境を準備してあげなくてはいけないため費用が通常の保育園と比べて莫大にかかります。なので生活に余裕があり、教育に熱心なご両親が住んでいる地域でしか運営できないというのがポイントです。


  • そこで、当Academyとしては、教育熱があり、教育に投資ができる方が多く住んでいる


Why the academy was established ②

  • With the current system of japanese nurseries our society will not move forward
     in a global manner. We are lacking in Language, Competence capabilities, Resolutions and connections. And we realize this way to late.


  • However even though its not impossible to master these skills at an adult age it will need more time and work. In order to learn more efficiently preparations during early childhood is necessary and we at Silicon Valley aims to provide the children with a foundation necessary for a global future. We provide an education plan based on data collected from a long term research project conducted silicon valley who aims to provide children with the best possible education and social skills for the future.


  • So how come these type of schools that most people woud like to enroll in are all centerd in only one area, silicon valley California? Well since the main point is to provide the children with the appropriate teaching materials for each age and also provide them with an environment suitable for each age the cost will be higher compared to a regular nursery. And that is the reason why the schools are centered only in areas with parents who not only have a passion for education but who also can afford the cutting edge facilities for their children.


  • That is why our academy opened here in Meguro-ku Setagaya area where so many people with passion for education and a drive for the future live.

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